Contractor CRM software your way

Forget whiteboards, sticky notes and defunct software. TeamVisual CRM software puts all your sales data in one place.

How configurable is our contractor CRM software?

One customer would only buy TeamVisual if it could perfectly reproduce the sales data on his whiteboard. It did.

We’ll help you set up TeamVisual according to what matters to you.

We’ll make all your sales and marketing data available at a glance. We’ll train you on-site. Then we’ll give you unlimited 9-to-5 support all the way.

You can even view your data offline.

TeamVisual synchronises to the cloud and gathers the latest data. That’s great for sales people out on in the field (or up a mountain).

Contractor CRM solution

Perfect for contractors – organise staff as well as customer data. Plan and reassign cars, vans and people, then update the data in real time.

TeamVisual Sales Dashboard
Tablet App

Configured your way

Get fast access to what matters most to you. Want to reproduce that whiteboard or pile of sticky notes? Consider it done.

Cloud-based CRM

Out in the field? Or up Ben Nevis? You don’t need Internet access to view your sales data. It’s synchronised to the cloud.

Bespoke UK training and support

Get the most out of TeamVisual with personalised UK support for your business.

Onsite CRM training available

TeamVisual training is available onsite with real people, no more waiting for online support to answer your emails.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM software can help your business by simply providing a way to manage the relationship with your customers by organising widely used data into an easily accessible format.

In TeamVisual’s case the term CRM is used to describe the core benefits of the cloud based system. Customer Relationship Data is vital for your sales team, and with the cloud you know that the entire team will have the latest information available at their fingertips.

Suitable Sectors

TeamVisual is ideally suited to companies that need a solution for contractor management, but in truth the software is the ideal candidate for any business that needs Customer Data or a Project Management Solution that is uniquely configured to their needs. So if the other CRM or Project Management solutions don’t quite do what you’re looking for, get in touch to see how we can configure the software to meet your requirements.

Testing The Software

Unfortunately we do not offer a free version of the software for testing. This is due to the highly configurable nature of the system. We want each installation to have the maximum amount of impact when delivered, so our dedicated team will set you up and meet your unique requirements before launching throughout your team.

No upfront payment

TeamVisual’s simple payment plan does mean that you are free to leave the subscription at any point, plus there’s no up-front payment. So if you want to test the system for a couple of months, then you’d like to leave you’ll only ever pay for the time that the software was active. Simple.

Fully Configured System

This is the first question our set-up team will ask you. We really can configure TeamVisual to meet your requirements. So if your company has data that needs to be highlighted, let us know. We’ll configure the system to meet your requirements.

More Than Just CRM

TeamVisual’s fully configurable nature is the most powerful aspect of the system in comparison to our competitors. We know that every business is different, so why should the software they use be the same. Take control of the data that is most important to you.

TeamVisual Set-up

The system set up time can vary depending on the custom elements of your configuration, but in general we can have you live within a couple of weeks of your first point of contact.