Software Features

The Marlin software has been developed by MJH Systems specifically for the printing industry. The software has a range of features designed to improve productivity for print shops and printers alike.

 One Database Solution

Manage all of your customer activity, from Marketing Campaigns, right through to Invoice payment. All configured within one Print Industry specific application.

Colleagues can share information and can quickly find an Estimate or Order, regardless of who entered it into the system. This ensures instant access to the most important data when dealing with any of your businesses clients. One Database, One System. Marlin Print Industry Customer Relationship Software.

 CRM Module

Our Customer Relationship Management Module is a vital tool to allow Marlin user’s to manage all aspects of Customers, Prospects, Marketing campaigns and Sales Management data. View all related information for each customer including; Contact details, Activities, Documents, Marketing Campaigns, Emails and Telephone Calls. Plus details of previous Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices are displayed to ensure you’ve always got the correct data when dealing with a client.

 Email Suite

Email your Estimates, Work Orders, Invoices and Statements direct from Marlin to your Prospects and Customers. This feature removes any time delay from the enquiry stage to providing a fully detailed, professional estimate. Providing instant quotations to enable your customer to make a decision before your competitors get the chance. The ability to email reduces admin time and cost, creating the opportunity for your team to follow and win estimates instead of creating admin tasks (printing, posting, stamps etc).

 Integrated Accounts Suite

The Marlin software application includes an account package to manage all aspects of Sales, VAT and Cost of Goods Sold. Marlin improves your Credit Control by allowing instant sending of Invoices and Statements to encourage prompt payment from your Customers once a job is complete. This automation can save valuable hours when dealing with your daily invoicing tasks.

Take control of your accounts with Marlin, the complete software solution for the printing industry.

Project Estimating Module

Easy to use and maintain pricing parameters (paper, ink etc) for the creation of instant and consistent quotations from any member of your team. Marlin allows you to track each stage of the process by inquiring on a particular customers account, print a work in progress diary or using the various analysis reports available. All these features are linked to the Email Suite providing a seamless connection between you and your customer.

 Reporting Suite

Built in suite with pre-configured reports: New Customers, Lapsed Accounts, Top 10 Accounts, Turnover Comparison, Outstanding Balances, Product Mix, Dashboard, Industry Sectors, Regional Trends.

Start managing your customers efficiently now and benefit from Marlin Reports to put you in control of your customer data.

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