Software Features

Every business has Customers and Prospects, every Business needs to maximise the opportunities for “selling” products and Services. Customer information is the start point for every Sales Team, a central shared database for customer information is vital, TeamVisual is that exact Software Application.

With Every TeamVisual Software Package You’ll Get The Following Features

Contact Management

Schedule all types of customer and prospect activity, such as telephone calls, visits, cold calls, projects and documents. TeamVisual keeps your entire team up-to-date with changes to customer & prospect information with the option of integrating with MS Outlook and your Mobile for mail, contacts and calendar. Store and display all relevant prospect and customer documents. Instant access to your letters, quotes, orders, complaints, technical docs, maps etc

 Analysis & Reports

Automated weekly and monthly reports emailed to your desktop. Your sales team capture the business data, TeamVisual translates this into your bespoke sales management / dashboard reports. Analyse sales performance using Reports and Graphs for consistent appraisal for your Management Team. Allows Sales Managers and Directors to correlate sales activity with results and ensure recognition for professional sales achievements.


 Document Management

The TeamVisual Software application allows users to configure the settings to their businesses requirements. It is an easy to use, intuitive interface and can be used with or without an internet connection. Therefore users are not reliant on signal strength for vital customer information. MJH provide a “turn-key” software solution, TeamVisual Software package provides Configuration, Training and Data analysis.


TeamVisual is a software solution specifically designed to manage your marketing and sales statistics. This helps you manage your salesforce’s performance, whilst optimising your company’s prospects. Managing your Sales Team is a profession, TeamVisual is the Sales Managers solution for dynamic data that increases and assists the Sales process. Every company has to be customer focused, the Sales Team has to be the leader but interaction with Technical or Marketing is a vital process.

 Financial Data

Display financial information from Sage, QuickBooks etc to allow your sales team to have instant access to compare actual revenue against target figures.

Sales Management

TeamVisual is a flexible, powerful business solution for managing sales teams, empowering your staff to be more productive enabling them to proactively develop within your business. Output of reports and statistics for business performance analysis can be very time consuming and must be 100% consistent. MJH System’s unique data management provides consistent and accurate reporting to ensure the Managers and Directors have a constant flow of business performance data.

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