Theory Test Training Apps Available Soon

Posted on 25th March 2015

In addition to the Islands Theory Test Training DVD, MJH Systems are launching a supplementary range of “Apps” for candidates to practise before their Theory Test. The Islands Theory Test will be available on Android and IOS and will contain the same unique Theory Test question Bank as the Live test. Launch date is yet to be confirmed but it is anticipated to be early Spring 2015 and will be available on all three Islands. There will be special product launch offers, Marketing via  Driving Instructors and promotions to Theory Test applicants wanting extra ways to enhance their Theory Test knowledge. The “App`s” will enable Theory Test applicants to practice during more of their spare time, and of course without using a PC or Laptop. The whole aim of the Theory Test is to know and understand the highway code, extra ways to study will encourage more revision and therefore better road users in years to come. MJH Systems are delighted to be able to provide a further product enhancement to their Driver Theory Test Range, quality software with proven Driver Testing Centre`s.