Now available in Guernsey & Jersey

Posted on 25th March 2015

The Islands Theory Test DVD is now available in Guernsey and Jersey as well as the IoM. The question Bank is based on the three Islands Highway code plus the standard UK Highway code, it is the only British Isles Theory Test Training DVD. The questions are all multi-choice and the Training DVD includes an option to highlight the correct answer when practising  or for the Software to indicate if the candidate has chosen the correct answer. As further Training enhancement each question provides reasons why the answer to the question is correct, a great learning aid for better drivers. MJH Systems have developed this product to provide to compliment the “Live” Theory Test, this means the candidate can learn and understand the highway code prior to the Theory Test. Candidates can also choose to have a “voice over” for the Training product or the Live Test, a great feature for many candidates.