Hazard Perception Tests

Posted on 25th March 2015

Hazard Perception Tests are part of the UK and the IoM Test, they will be introduced into the Guernsey/Jersey Test in the future. The Theory Test in the IoM is a “two element” Test not a “two part” test, you obtain one result “pass or fail”. The Hazard Perception Clips are provided by MJH Systems and contain exclusive IoM clips so that candidates are able to identify local roads conditions. The Theory Test presents 14 unique clips to each candidate and they must achieve the pre-defined pass rate, the Training DVD contains demo clips which the candidates can practise prior to sitting their Theory Test. The test promotes the concept that Hazards develop all the time when driving, vigilance is the key to avoiding an accident by spotting a developing hazard and taking action if it turns into a hazard. All drivers need to be aware of other drivers/pedestrians/Cyclists and observing if they are about to create a hazard or of course a accident scene, Hazard Perception Testing  statistics indicate that since its introduction new drivers are better equipped on today`s highways. As part of a two element test the potential driver has a comprehensive introduction to driving prior to starting practical driving lessons, the highway code is very comprehensive, add the visual clips and the Theory Test is a great knowledge test.